Trainings and Conferences

SWAPP designs and implements customized SWM trainings,
facilitates SWM study tours, and seminars, and conducts
roundtable discussions on currents trends and issues.

Technical Assistance

SWAPP offers a wide range of technical assistance
on SWM. It also conducts researches on various
SWM topics or issues.

Information Services

SWAPP maintains a Resource Center and a website
( Materials in the Resource Center
are continuously catalogued and indexed for easy access by
its members and individuals. SWAPP also provides on-call
assistance and referral services to clients.

SWM Advocacy

SWAPP raises awareness on SWM policy issues and enhances
the capacity of LGUs to address local SWM policy issues
through trainings and information dissemination.

November 15, 2022

SWAPPCon 2022

SWAPPCon 2022 Program

November 15, 2022

SWAPP Jingle